Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ten Leadership Style You Must Should From Army Peoples

1)Always look well dressed like a gentlemen:-Make it a habit that your dress and your shoes are clean,ironed and polished as a army man feels uncomfortable if his dress is not well & shoes is being ploished by others or do not polished at all.

2)Take care of people around you :-
Always take care of people around you because they are your greatest strength as they support you in your decisions and also help them to execute it so like an army officer who keeps special care to its jawans you should also follow the same.

3)Always make a diverse team to gain a range of perspectives:-Always make a team with different individual types & knowledge types as it will give you more perspectives in any situation and will enhance fresh and different idea flows.

4)Give any relationship longtime:-
Always invest time in professional relationships like in army people serve almost 30 years with same people you should give ample time to your employers and show your ability.

5)Listen everyone:-Dont make a habit to rule just listen everybody perspective and give everybody time and freedom to speak so that you satisfy all and maintain unity in the team.

6)Keep your head cool always:-Dont panic just keep your head calm and think with mind not with heart and success will be yours.

7)Be confident to act in adverse situations also:-Even sometimes you dont have accurate and sufficient data to some imporatnt decisions dont loose hope just back yourself and confidently execute it.

8)Always Give your 100% to lead by example.

9)Lead with integrity :-Follow ethical values and good principles and treat everybody well.

10)Do what you teach:-Whatever you teach your team members also follow it sensibly because unless you dont follow what you teach peolpe will also dont.


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